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Matching sets are having a moment. What started as a stress-free way to appear (& feel) a bit polished during quarantine seems to be a trend that is here to stay. We've rounded up our fall favorites with an eye toward versatility. Each set can be styled with a black sandal for a night out or swap in chunky sneakers or cozy slippers for elevated lounging.

Lavender Dream

Ibiza Polo Top & Pants in “Lavender Mix” (Cotton Citizen, Made in USA)

Gunmetal tone choker necklace (Ben Amun)

Sparkly & (Super) Special

Sequined striped metallic crochet knit top & pants (Missoni, Made in Italy)

Gold plated crystal necklace (Kenneth Jay Lane)

Cool Camoflauge

Camo Sweater & Pants (Kule, Imported)

Fort Knox gold necklace (Shashi,

Among the many allures of visiting a luxury hotel in Paris is the immediate sensory immersion. Moody lighting, luxe décor—think dark woods and velvets and silks—and a harmonious color scheme let you know you’ve entered a realm unique to Paris. But perhaps the most powerful sensory experience is the signature scent that permeates every public area of the hotel. It’s not subtle, and creates a sense of “place” throughout your stay. It lingers with you long after you’ve checked out.

Giving your own home a signature scent is simple and can be achieved through scented candles and room spray. Be sure to distribute candles throughout your home starting in your entry area. Don’t forget to include your bathroom and hallways. Periodically pump it up with room spray. This may seem like overkill but it will ensure your home’s signature scent envelopes the space.

Fall feels like the perfect time to try this out at home. Keep scrolling for our recommendations.

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Picks from some of our favorite spots in Paris:

Heady scents of Autumn

These autumnal standouts capture the mood of the season:

  • Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone is woody and peppery with a hint of fruit (candle & room spray)

  • Dipytque’s Feu de Bois (which translates into “wood fire”) makes your home smell like a fire is roaring (candle)

  • Create a boho vibe from a mix of moss, woods, and rosemary with Byredo’s Bohemia (candle)

Just smells good

For those in warmer climes or for whom less is more:

  • Fresh Rosemary + Lemon from Slow North (candle)

  • Beauty Pie’s Clean House Smell: a fresh floral blend that lives up to its name (candle)

  • Clean citrusy scent from Nest New York (room & linen spray)

Photo credits: @ShutterHeartKarina

I’m a native Texan who loves her state and country. As an American, freedom is very personal to me. Every man in my family has served in the military, and an ex-boyfriend died in Iraq. These men were fighting for the freedoms that many take for granted today. It was their steadfast dedication to our country that set the foundation for my love of America and our freedom. I believe everyone should do their part to ensure our freedom is not compromised.

Liberty Ranch Hat Co.

Hats have always been a big part of my personal style. I remember as a child, my father had hundred of baseball hats and he never left the house without one on. Seeing him wear hats, I’ve always worn them as well. So when I decided to open my business, Liberty Ranch Hat Co, I drew upon my father’s inspiration and my devotion to my country. It was only fitting for me to weave my love for America into my business by creating a beautiful western hat symbolic of America. And as I embarked on this business, it was important to me to always try to use only American made materials.

Before I launched my business, I would browse a high-end western hat and boots boutique in Aspen. I always appreciated their aesthetic and throwback to the Wild West. While visiting this store, I began helping their customers by recommending different ideas and options. I loved watching their faces light up once they found the perfect style, color, fit, or hatband design. I got inspired. After I couldn’t find a particular hat design and color for myself, I decided to take the leap and teach myself the trade. After all, being creative is one of my gifts.

I began making hats for myself and, when I wore them, friends and strangers started asking about them. My husband, Chris, saw a business opportunity and encouraged me to start making hats for others. Liberty Ranch Hat Co. was born and soon, several friends started placing orders and the word of mouth began. My business officially launched in February 2021 and I’ve designed over 75 custom hats.

I design hats for both men and women, however, most of my clientele are women. My hats are classic and timeless, and my signature pinch front crown uniquely compliments every face shape. I offer any crown shape, of course, but this one is the most popular. When I design hats, I want my clients to wear them with anything—from gym clothes to cocktail dresses. My intention is for each hat to be a staple transitional piece in their wardrobe.

Starting the day

My most productive part of the day is early morning. I am usually up between 4 and 6 AM. I have one cup of black coffee, eat breakfast, and then I hit the tennis courts for a quick workout. I like to get my exercise in first thing to knock it out. I am the most creative during the stillness of the morning and I often wake up with new ideas. If I head into my studio first thing, I could be there for hours, designing and creating the perfect hat.

Health: Mind, Body & Soul

Living a balanced life is my number one priority. Caring for my mind, body, and soul makes me a better wife, friend, and business owner. With everything happening around us right now, I believe that healing the world begins with healing ourselves.

For fitness, as I mentioned earlier, I enjoy playing tennis and I play as often as I can. I also enjoy yoga, pilates, and running.

To further my emotional and spiritual well being, I recently studied to become a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master. While I love the practice of improving the flow of universal energy to help others, I mainly practice it on myself, our animals, and my husband. However, I also find purpose and joy in doing Reiki on each hat I create. Reiki is a very loving, healing energy and I want each hat owner to feel that energy, self-love, and confidence.


Because my days begin so early, I start to wind down by mid-afternoon. I usually do my Reiki practice in the afternoon to help me unwind. My evenings include making dinner and spending time with Chris and our dogs. I do enjoy a great glass of wine though. Some of my favorite wines are Sancerre French Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.

I mostly stay away from drama television and instead, enjoy uplifting shows. I typically end each day watching Friends. I don't have a current binge show, but my favorites were Heartland and Outlander.


My style is preppy, classic, timeless, and, on occasion, edgy. I grew up in the Dallas area and we dressed up to do everything, even grocery shopping. I always feel more confident when I wear a great outfit. We also live in Aspen part time and, when we are there, I have a more elevated style. But at home in Austin, I am more casual.

I love a beautiful JCrew outfit. This fall, I've been eyeing their turtleneck poncho, leopard shirtdress, and this amazing slip dress. These pieces are great for dressing up or down. Also, I have to add a cashmere sweater every year and this cashmere puff-sleeve sweater is a must have.

My favorite classic brands are Ralph Lauren and RRL. For fall, I would love to add a beautiful long sweater jacket, indigo jacquard wrap skirt, and this linen-blended belted cardigan to my wardrobe.

Of course, a pair of fall boots are always great. I especially like Marc Fisher’s Izzie Lugsole Ankle Boot.

When I’m in Aspen, I love wearing my Moncler coat and, if I’m skiing, my favorite brands are Bogner and Perfect Moment Skiwear.


My beauty regime includes tinted moisturizer by Rae Cosmetics, created by Rochelle Rae, a professional makeup artist based in Austin. I also use Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask and LaRoche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser. I also love Necessaire The Body Exfoliator in Eucalyptus and The Body Lotion.

I use several hair products, including Oribe Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner and Leonor Greyl shampoo and hair masque.


I am reading Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov.


I listen to the No Agenda Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, Under the Skin with Russell Brand, and the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast.

As told to Tina Curry, The Counter Edit

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J.Crew Slip dress

RRL Linen-Blend Belted Cardigan

Marc Fisher Izzie Lugsole Ankle Boot

Youth to the PeopleSuperberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

Necessaire The Body Exfoliator in Eucalyptus