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How to Make Your Home Smell Like a Parisian Hotel

Among the many allures of visiting a luxury hotel in Paris is the immediate sensory immersion. Moody lighting, luxe décor—think dark woods and velvets and silks—and a harmonious color scheme let you know you’ve entered a realm unique to Paris. But perhaps the most powerful sensory experience is the signature scent that permeates every public area of the hotel. It’s not subtle, and creates a sense of “place” throughout your stay. It lingers with you long after you’ve checked out.

Giving your own home a signature scent is simple and can be achieved through scented candles and room spray. Be sure to distribute candles throughout your home starting in your entry area. Don’t forget to include your bathroom and hallways. Periodically pump it up with room spray. This may seem like overkill but it will ensure your home’s signature scent envelopes the space.

Fall feels like the perfect time to try this out at home. Keep scrolling for our recommendations.

Go straight to the source

Picks from some of our favorite spots in Paris:

Heady scents of Autumn

These autumnal standouts capture the mood of the season:

  • Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone is woody and peppery with a hint of fruit (candle & room spray)

  • Dipytque’s Feu de Bois (which translates into “wood fire”) makes your home smell like a fire is roaring (candle)

  • Create a boho vibe from a mix of moss, woods, and rosemary with Byredo’s Bohemia (candle)

Just smells good

For those in warmer climes or for whom less is more:

  • Fresh Rosemary + Lemon from Slow North (candle)

  • Beauty Pie’s Clean House Smell: a fresh floral blend that lives up to its name (candle)

  • Clean citrusy scent from Nest New York (room & linen spray)

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