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Tokyo 2020: Moments of Grace

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

While much of the Olympics has been overshadowed by surging COVID and political controversy, Tokyo 2020 was abound with moments highlighting the true spirit of the games and why we watch:

Katie Ledekey & Ariane Titmus: Embracing after a hard fought 200m freestyle race that saw Titmus defeating the defending Olympic champion, Ledecky.

Sydney McLaughlin: After winning gold and setting a word record in the 400m, McLaughlin congratulated fellow American, Dalilah Muhammad. On Instagram she reflected on her victory saying, "Let me start off by saying, what and honor it is to be able to represent not only my country, but also the kingdom of God." See more on her feed @sydneymclaughlin16

Tamyra Mensah-Stock, on what it means to represent the USA at the Olympics after winning a gold in wrestling.

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